Imminent EP

by Imminent

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released October 4, 2008



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Imminent Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Godspeed

Sit down turn up your noise
pop the lock to let in your boys
turn the key in the ignition
for this is your only mission
Pop the clutch switch
the gear at these speeds
there is no fear speeding
up not ready to die screaming
No way I’m ready to fly
Speeds of flight your out of sight
need of light to go Godspeed
Speeds of flight your out of sight
need of light farewell Godspeed
Run down a Smokey haze
slowing down there is no way
no problems with the motor
a 454 with a new blower
I’m not gonna stop
I’m not gonna stop
until I spill the day
following the words so
I will race with immense
I can’t do it myself
Track Name: Everlasting

As my skin breaths cold as my eyes unfold
times of pain trails that rain in my darkest hole
facing life in fear I’ve cried my last tear
But only now I‘ve lost it all
but only now I hear your call
But only now I’m filled brim
but only now this is God with in
I’ve seen my reasons in war form
Battles of treason I hear the voice
everlasting hope for tomorrow
I’ve seen it I’ve tasted love forever
times not wasted in you
I’ve seen it I’ve tasted joy forever
love’s not wasted in you
As my days grow longer I’m still in my hole
time and time and again I begin to fold
have lost it all this time will I ever know
Track Name: Hunger

As I look into his eyes the face of death
I’m short of breath as I fought for my life
on my knees I begged I plead I don’t know
what I’ve done but I stand here guilty to
ask my self where dose this road lead
Up above reaching for your face
less fortunate, cripple under the pressure
consequences to consider when it’s not
my fault I’ll take the blame cause I hunger for you
I stand here in front of this avenue
you thought me things I never knew
I know I’ve done wrong but I stand to
praise your song pick me up by my hands
guide me to a path of righteousness
to the place were the message grew
Make my wounds clean free of debris
open my eyes for what I’m about to see
your are lord father to me the great I
am you are the true son of man
I’ve come to seek your face
I’ve come to seek the way
I’ve come to seek my faith
Cause I hunger for you
when it’s not my fault I’ll take
the blame cause I’ve come to seek
my faith
Track Name: Dreams

One too many lost to compensate battered visions waters teem
A clutch a grip holding me will you resurrect this dream
Everything that’s given has been taken from me
For it’s far too long have I waded in darkness I can see
the risen one rising from the setting of the son
Far beyond your ways are not my ways Even so my plans
for you are more I will leave behind my own flesh to die
I’ve been broken torn from the inside I know failure
all my dreams have died But there is still one I have yet
to see The second coming the Christ my king
I will always dream for you where
is your voice I’m in need of you
Stay content just keep hangin on Don’t let go my strength is strong
Let your dream rise from the ashes my praise is due all praise to you
-Scream Verse-
Rising from the setting son
Rising from the setting son
Rising from the setting son
Just dream with me
Just dream with me
Track Name: Adore

-Verse -
worthy worthy haunting beauty
father I’ve been flogged beaten
bound by chains but only one fact
still remains I will sing,
we will sing I adore

Can’t close my eyes cause all I see is you
bound by these chains fear love remains
but the walls are breaking threw
only my father only my savior
only the spirit has set me free has set me free

Glory Glory, faithful faithful,
mercy graceful patient peaceful,
blessed are you who held me as
I waxed cold but only now I see
Your love has captured me be still
my heart Gods love has captured me I adore